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Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies and Dairy Free Chocolate Hearts

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies made with Doodles Cookie Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved readers!  I am late in posting because we have had a very sick household. Thankfully, all 5 of us are finally healthy just in time for me to bake up some sweet treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the one year anniversary of my blog.  That’s right friends, Gluten-Free Joy has turned one today.

To celebrate, I baked some gluten-free sugar cookies sent to me by Deborah at Doodle’s Cookies.  I have been anxiously waiting to try this mix and it was quick and easy to make, just what I look for being a busy mom.  These all natural, organic, gluten-free cookies turned out nicely and the kids liked them.  The gluten-free sugar cookies were sturdy, not crumbly and were easy to decorate. You can choose your own flavoring by adding vanilla, lemon or almond extract.  We used vanilla and I think next time I will add more than the suggested 1/2 teaspoon to get a bit more flavor.  I froze a few for the gluten-free kid (GFK) to take to upcoming school functions and I think they will be great thawed out.  I would definitely buy this easy mix to keep on hand if Doodles was available in Colorado stores.  Are you listening Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and Sunflower Market?  Doodles also offers gluten-free chocolate chip, gluten-free double chocolate chip habanero and gluten-free nut butter.  I can’t wait to use Sunbutter and try the nut butter cookie mix.  The company is also developing organic and gluten-free cake mixes so be on the lookout for those.  For now, you can visit Doodles here and order them online for $6.50 each.

Dairy Free Chocolate Valentine's Day Hearts

To celebrate love day, we also melted up some Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate and made some nut free and dairy free chocolate hearts.  If you or your loved ones are dairy free and gluten-free, you know it can be difficult to find holiday treats to celebrate with.  So, we made our own.  They turned out cute but were a bit chalky.  Overall, they satisfied the GFK to feel like he had some real Valentine’s Day candy.  I really wish I could find some dairy free white chocolate.  We could really have some fun with that.  If you know of any, please let me know.

Thank you for your support during my first year of gluten-free blogging.  I hope I have been able to help some of you out there with fun ideas, recipes or just knowing you aren’t alone on this food allergy or gluten-free journey.  Please let me know if there are other topics you would like to know about and I hope you continue to stop by to visit me on my beloved gluten-free joy blog.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Gluten-Free Heart Pancakes – Made with Love

Lovely Gluten-Free Heart Pancakes

We use cookie cutters around here a lot to celebrate holidays.  There are so many foods my gluten-free kid (GFK) can’t eat with his Celiac Disease and multiple food allergies but we like to focus on all of the yummy things he can eat like healthy whole foods like fruit and veggies and yummy grains like buckwheat and quinoa.  And, we like to celebrate safe foods by making them fun!  Cookie cutters help out in that department.  These gluten-free heart pancakes were made with love using Gluten-Free Pantry’s Muffin and Scone Mix.  How do you make your gluten-free food fun?

Gluten-Free Fruity Pebble Treats for Valentine’s Day

Fruity Pebble Hearts

Gluten-Free Fruity Pebble Treat Hearts

February begins tomorrow and my house is already decorated with red shiny hearts, my older kids have completed class valentine’s and my four year-old is cutting and pasting each day to complete his valentine’s all on his own.  Yes, I would say Valentine’s Day is in full swing in our house.  We made some Gluten-Free and dairy free Fruity Pebble Treat Hearts to kick off the celebration.  Don’t these make your heart skip a beat?  Too cute.  Enjoy!

Fruity Pebble Treat Hearts:

Gluten-Free and Dairy Free


1/4 cup vegan margarine

6 cups Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

13 oz. Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal (about 8 1/2 cups) – yes these are gluten-free!

1.  Melt margarine in pan over low – medium heat

2.  Once margarine is melted, add marshmallows to pan and stir constantly until melted together.

3.  Remove mixture from heat and add cereal.  Mix well.  Press firmly into generously greased mini heart shaped pan or into greased 9 x 13 pan and once cooled use cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes.  Wrap leftovers tightly to keep fresh.

Gluten-Free Root Beer Reindeer

Gluten-Free A&W Root Beer Reindeer

I have had a Secret Santa for the past 24 days.  It has been so much fun to discover a small treat each day and it definitely helped me get my JOY on.  Yesterday I got a family gift for the five of us that was too cute not to share with my gluten-free friends.  I found a basket of gluten-free A&W Root Beer bottles that were dressed like reindeer.  So cute and we all enjoyed them with our meal last night.  Thank you Secret Santa!

I am feeling the JOY and the blessings in my life this year and I am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends and for all of you dear readers who have joined me on our gluten-free journey this year.  I can’t wait to see what JOY 2010 brings us all.  Merry Christmas from Gluten-Free Joy.

Glutino Holiday Gluten-Free Pretzel Recipe Contest Entries

Rudolph the Gluten-Free French Meadow Brownie Reindeer

Last week I learned about the Glutino Holiday Gluten-Free Pretzel Recipe Contest.  I was so excited for the chance to win a one year supply of Glutino pretzels that I ran to my kitchen and got started.  The winner will be determined on December 31st but I wanted to share my entry with you in case you wanted to get creative in the kitchen with these merry little guys I made.  My entries are all gluten-free and dairy free.  Let me know which one you like the best!

Rudolph the Gluten-Free French Meadow Brownie Reindeer


2 Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists

1 French Meadow Bakery Brownie

Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Frosting



1.  Cut brownie into a triangle shape and frost with chocolate frosting.

2.  Add 2 Glutino pretzels for antlers

3.  Add skittles to form a Rudolph nose and face.

The Glutino Gluten-Free Chocolate Pretzel Wreath

The Glutino Gluten-Free Chocolate Pretzel Wreath


7 Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists

2 Baker’s Semi-sweet baking chocolate squares

Wilton Holiday Mix Sprinkles

1 Betty Crocker Red Fruit Roll Up

Wax paper


1.  Arrange wax paper on a baking sheet.  Place wax paper on it.

2.  Melt 2 squares of baking chocolate in microwave at 30 second intervals.  Stirring in between until completely melted.

3.  Dip each pretzel into chocolate and then place into a wreath shape on the wax paper.

4.  Once wreath shape is complete, sprinkle chocolate pretzels with holiday sprinkles of your choice.  Chill for 5 minutes or until set.  Add a fruit roll-up bow and enjoy!

Frosty the Gluten-Free Marshmallow Snowman

Frosty the Gluten-Free Marshmallow Snowman


2 Glutino Gluten-Free Stick Pretzels

3 Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

1 Mi-Del Gluten-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, split in half

Pillsbury Cream Cheese Frosting

Wilton Holiday Mix Sprinkles

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Up


1.  Stack 3 marshmallows using frosting in between.

2.  Stick 2 Glutino Stick Pretzels into side of snowman to make arms.

3.  Add cookie as hat, sprinkles as face and buttons and fruit roll-up as scarf.

Rudolph the Gluten-Free Betty Crocker Cupcake

Rudolph the Gluten-Free Betty Crocker Cupcake


Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Cupcake

2 Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists

Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Frosting



1. Frost Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cupcake with chocolate frosting.

2. Add 2 Glutino pretzel twists as antlers.

3. Add Skittles to form a Rudolph nose and face.


Gluten-Free Corn Flake Wreath Cookies

Gluten-Free Corn Flake Wreath Cookies

Whenever I get an invite for the five of us to attend a party that will have food, as they always do, I cringe a little. These events are tough because no matter how hard I try, the Gluten-Free Kid (GFK) always feels left out.

I used to obsess over baking safe treats for him to share.  But, then I’d worry that someone would drop a piece of cheese on his goodies, contaminating them.  Or, a friend would cry, “gross!” after tasting my creation. Well, I worry less now.  The GFK understands what goes into each party, he helps by eating before we go to the party and he is gracious with all people who try but don’t understand his food issues.

And I’ve found some treats that work well.  Gluten-free Fruity Pebble Treats and gluten-free Rice Krispie Treats are always favorites.   For a twist on this, I brought Gluten-Free Corn Flake Christmas Wreath Cookies to the party we attended last night.  Kids were asking for more even after we ran out.  But, what a problem to have.    If you still have holiday parties to attend, I suggest you try these.  Let me know what you think.

Gluten-Free Christmas Wreath Cookies


1/2 cup dairy free butter

3 cups Kraft marshmallows

1 teaspoon gluten-free vanilla

1 teaspoon green food coloring

5 cups Nature’s Path Gluten-Free Corn Flakes

Red Skittles or candy of your choice


1.  Melt butter over medium low heat.  Add marshmallows until melted.  Add vanilla and green food coloring, stir until a nice deep green color.

2.  Once mixture is smooth, add Corn Flakes.  Gently mix together, not crushing the cereal.  Form into wreath shapes and place on wax paper, decorate with candies while still sticky.  Let cool.  Enjoy!

Gluten-Free Christmas Pancakes

Gluten-Free Christmas Pancakes

Have I told you lately how much I love cookie cutters?  Well, I do and I use them for every single holiday to jazz up meals for my kiddos.  And, they happen to love it as much as I do.  This morning I give you a gluten-free gingerbread boy pancake and a Christmas tree pancake.  I make all of our pancakes using Gluten-Free Pantry’s Muffin and Scone Mix.  If you love cookie cutters as much as we do, please share your photos.  Merry Christmas to all!