Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Popcorn Hands



Spooky Gluten-Free Popcorn Hands

Each Halloween I make the same gluten-free, dairy free spooky treat for my kids to take to pre-school as a snack.  It’s super easy, pretty healthy, really fun and filled with gluten-free, dairy free and nut free yummy treats.  These are always a big hit with the pre-school crowd and I look forward to making them each year.  Sadly, this is my last year with a pre-schooler so we will see if any of my older kids request them next year.  If not, I may have to come up with an adult version for our annual Halloween party!



Food prep gloves – found mine at Wal-Mart

Bag of Candy Corn (Brachs is dairy free and gluten-free)

Popcorn (no butter for dairy free version)

Ribbon to tie ends together


Directions:  Stuff each glove with 5 candy corn (one in each finger).  Then stuff popcorn into each finger and fill the gloves out until they look like a spooky hand.  Tie ends together with a festive ribbon.  Add some bling or a spider ring if you desire.  Watch the faces on your kiddos when they see these treats complete, it’s priceless.



One response to “Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Popcorn Hands

  1. Note: According to their labels Brach’s does process their candy corn on same equipment as dairy… Jelly Belly Brand does not.

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