Chelsea Handler Needs to Get Real



Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

I love Chelsea Handler!  She cracks me up and I look forward to the comedy relief she supplies but I was bummed when she dismissed the importance of a gluten-free diet on Wednesday night.  



Handler was reporting that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been accused of plagarism by Susan Hassett, who says she stole her book idea when Hasselbeck wrote The G-Free Diet.  Handler said dismissively, “What’s Celiac Disease? Oh I guess that’s when you can’t eat gluten, huh?”  

Being a close friend of Jenny McCarthy, who is gluten-free along with her son for his health, I thought Handler would be more respectful and educated on the gluten-free diet and its importance for Celiac Disease sufferers like my gluten-free kid.

Get real, Chelsea.  Millions of people suffer from Celiac Disease.  They deserve your blessing.


5 responses to “Chelsea Handler Needs to Get Real

  1. I think Chelsea dismisses a lot of important issues. It’s part of her charm. Is it only entertainment if her jokes don’t have anything to do with something you feel strongly in favor off?

  2. you rock

  3. Who the heck is Chelsea and why do people care of what she says???

  4. I realize you wrote this a while ago. But last night on her show, Chelsea said that she just found out that she has a gluten allergy and will need to go on a gluten free diet!

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