Bozza Gluten-Free Linguine


Bozza Gluten-Free Egg Linguine

Bozza Gluten-Free Egg Linguine

Cruising through Whole Foods yesterday, I spotted new gluten-free pasta that I had to try.  Gluten-free egg linguine made by Colorado’s own Bozza Food Group looked fresh and tasty so I picked up a package.  The linguine was in the frozen section but it reminded me of the fresh gluten-free linguine we often get from Maggioano’s.  


We tried it out tonight and I sautéed some fresh roma tomatoes, basil, garlic with a splash of quality olive oil to top it off.  The Bozza linguine was delicious!  My gluten-free kid thought he tasted too much egg but he is a bit spooked by egg since he has only recently outgrown his egg allergy.  My other two gluten-eating kids ate this meal up and I thought it was excellent as well.  

I was excited to learn about Bozza Food Group, founded in 2008 by Mike Bozza.  After learning about the dietary challenges of Celiacs, Bozza declared his mission to be to develop gluten-free pastas that taste as good as or better than traditional pastas.  “We are fanatical about creating not only delicious choices, but safe foods for all Celiacs and those living a gluten- free lifestyle,” says Bozza. He refers to the mission of the Bozza brand as “Taste with a Purpose!”

I think we all agree that we need more Celiac supporters out there so I am happy with Bozza’s mission.  The company also offers gluten-free rigatoni and gluten-free potato gnocchi and I can’t wait to get my hands on some.  I will report once we get them.  

Have you tried any Bozza products?  Share your thoughts here.

3 responses to “Bozza Gluten-Free Linguine

  1. I bought this a few weeks ago from our local whole foods, but have not yet made it. I guess maybe it will be our dinner tomorrow night. 🙂

  2. I’ve often purchased their pasta from the Boulder Farmer’s Market. It became my weekly staple! Some weeks it was the only thing I purchased. I have yet to see it in Whole Foods though.

    I would also recommend their sauce. It’s very simple ingredients but done well and tastes robust. I don’t have any gluten sensitivities but I love it.

  3. Where do I but this product from??

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