Why The White Chocolate Grill is a Must Visit for Gluten-Free Diners


Robert Kabakoff and Chris Walters of The White Chocolate Grill

Robert Kabakoff and Chris Walter, The White Chocolate Grill

I am on a mission this summer to find gluten-free and allergy friendly restaurants for my family to enjoy.  If you follow my blog, you know that my 9 year-old suffers from many food allergies as well as Celiac Disease.  He has had a difficult school year watching his buddies enjoy tasty burgers, yummy french fries and bubbling pizza in the lunchroom.  I have been researching gluten-free menus in the Denver area for a few months and now that school is out, we are on our way.

On the top of my list was a new and very cool restaurant called The White Chocolate Grill located at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree.  My husband, Tim and I visited last night on a date night for inspection. We were impressed.

The WCG, a contemporary American restaurant with rich wood and cozy, dark leather booths far exceeded my expectations.  Upon entering, I asked for a gluten-free menu which the hostess happily presented and which featured a variety of options for starters, salads, main courses and dessert.  Our server, Shawn immediately noticed the gluten-free menu on our table and took care to address our issues.  He also sent over Chris Walters, the general manager and Robert Kabakoff, the chef and one of the owners, who spent a good 15 minutes chatting with us, making us feel very comfortable and welcome on a busy Saturday evening. 

Robert shared that his prior business partner’s wife and kids were Celiacs and he dined out with them often and observed how restaurants didn’t take gluten-free requests seriously.  Robert took this to heart with the WCG menu and how gluten-free meals are prepared and served at his restaurant.  He and Chris explained how a gluten-free order is specially tagged and handled carefully, also the kitchen staff is trained on what gluten is and how it affects those who suffer from Celiac.  There is a separate gluten-free space in the kitchen and a dedicated fryer for french fries.  And, they are working on adding more alcoholic drinks for gluten-free adults who visit.  Since our GFK has such an extensive list of food allergies, Robert and Chris were willing to work with us on a special meal to accommodate our son when we return.  

To end our evening, Tim and I shared the gluten-free Molten Chocolate Soufflé Cake and it was warm, sweet, rich and delicious.  I couldn’t tell that it was gluten-free and I can’t think of a better way to end the evening.  Thank you to The White Chocolate Grill, Robert, GM Chris and team!  

We had a fun night, excellent service with allergy-friendly food and have added another restaurant to our gluten-free and allergy friendly restaurant list.  We will definitely be visiting WCG again soon and this time we will bring along our kids.  I know they will love it as much as we did and we can dine without worrying about our son’s health.  WCG also has locations in Scottsdale and the Chicago area. 

The White Chocolate Grill

8421 Park Meadows Center Drive

Lone Tree, CO  303/799-4841

9 responses to “Why The White Chocolate Grill is a Must Visit for Gluten-Free Diners

  1. I hope you’ll be so kind as to share what you find this summer with others on my soon-to-be-launched “allergy-friendly restaurant” website, allergyeats.com.

  2. I went to their website – looks good! I am looking forward to giving it a try.

    Have you tried 5 guys for the fries. It was a favorite place back in VA and we were happy to see them here. The only problem we have had is sometimes I have to wonder if the person bagging our food has gotten a little gluten into our bag. We don’t eat there often, but it is great in a pinch.

  3. I have looked into 5 Guys but they use peanut oil and my son is allergic to all nuts. So, sadly we have been avoiding them. I have a big list to try this summer though so stay tuned! ~Patty

  4. Please let me know when allergyeats goes live. Would love to share what we learn. ~Patty

  5. We were afraid that DS#2 was allergic to peanuts, but after extensive testing he go the all clear. Until then, I would not even take him into 5 guys since there are nuts everywhere!

  6. glutenfreesteve

    I didn’t even know this place existed. I work in DTC and will check this place out for lunch! Thanks for the review.

  7. glutenfreesteve – please let me know how your visit goes! ~Patty

  8. mercedesohara

    Yes, Please post your reviews! It still freaks me out to eat in restaurants but when other people have a good gf experience it braves me up a bit
    🙂 Plus, I live in Denver so I’ll definitely follow your blog. Thanks!

  9. They now have a gluten-free menu available at all of their restaurants and it can be viewed online! I updated this on my website after being told by the manager (Arizona location) and included are the gf options on the children’s menu on my website http://www.freedomtodine.com They are receptive to all dietary needs and the food is made to order so accomodations may be possible. Hope they come up with a gf version of their White Chocolate Bread Pudding!

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