Starbucks has Responded to the Gluten-Free Community!

images1I blogged a few months back about voting for Starbucks to add gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free treats to the bakery case.  Well, I am happy to say that Starbucks has answered our call, kind of.  Today, Starbucks announced they will begin offering Gluten-Free Orange Valencia Cake with Almonds nationally on May 5th.  Exciting for some gluten-free foodies but many who have Celiac Disease also suffer from other food allergies and nuts are one of the top 8 allergens.  So, I am a bit disappointed because my son happens to be one of the many Celiacs who can’t ingest any nuts, including almonds.  Sad to say, he won’t be able to try this exciting new gluten-free treat from Starbucks.  But, I am still hopeful that this cake will be such a hit that Starbucks will develop more treats and maybe a nut-free one!  At least they are heading in the right direction.  For the Starbucks announcement, click here.

What would you like to see Starbucks add to the menu?

4 responses to “Starbucks has Responded to the Gluten-Free Community!

  1. Great to see a company like Starbucks begin to recognize the need to provide diverse foods for a variety of patrons. That said, with nuts being one of the most dangerous allergens, I’d be hesitant to give my kid any of the baked goods for fear of cross contamination. I don’t expect them to go entirely nut-free, but it would be nice to have a pre-packaged, possibly vegan (to also provide an option to those with milk and/or egg allergies) option. Thanks for sharing the news!

  2. mercedesohara

    it’s a start at least, right? Thanks for sharing, I’ll be watching for it.

  3. Doubt I’ll be able to eat it either. Most likely way too much sugar and rice flour. Can you believe I can’t eat gluten, dairy or rice among others. At least they are trying. So far however most of the people that work in Starbucks don’t know very much about their products and which drinks are gluten free and which ones are not. Maybe we should start a write in on that too. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

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