Gluten-Free Easter Egg Pancakes


Gluten-Free Easter Egg Pancakes

Gluten-Free Easter Egg Pancakes

Having kids with food allergies and Celiac Disease could cause bad feelings towards food, but not in our family.  Since my oldest was a toddler, I have tried to make what food is safe – fun.   I use lots of cookie cutters, special decorated goodie bags, lots of sprinkles, food coloring, fancy holiday plates, napkins, table cloths and lots more.  Since it is Easter week, I whipped up some Easter egg shaped pancakes over the weekend and the 3 kids loved them.  Tomorrow my 3 year-old is taking a Easter egg shaped sandwich to school because they are learning about oval shapes.  I think he will enjoy the surprise!  


How do you keep “safe” food fun?  Share your ideas here.


5 responses to “Gluten-Free Easter Egg Pancakes

  1. How cute.

  2. You are very creative! My kids are older now and one is in college. They don’t respond the same but sometimes I enjoy playing with their food. The pancakes look great! Food fun now comes in mini sized food.

  3. Thanks Diane. You never know, your college kid might like fun shaped pancakes:) I would eat them if somebody lovingly made them for me.

  4. I would love for some to cook for me. That would be a big treat around here. I’m sure this summer I’ll get my son on that. I still like egg shaped pancakes.

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