Lying About Peanut Butter is a Sticky Situation


Rachel Griffiths of ABC's Brother's & Sisters

Rachel Griffiths of ABC's Brother's & Sisters

I’m angry.  A few Sundays ago, Rachel Griffiths’ character Sarah on ABC’s Brother’s & Sisters tells her daughter Paige to lie about having a peanut butter sandwich at her peanut-free school.

This really upsets me.  Not just because I am a Mom to two food allergic boys but also because a peanut allergy can be deadly.  Common symptoms include hives, swelling of the face, mouth, tongue, difficulty breathing and shock.  For some allergic kids, coming into contact with very small amounts of peanut products may trigger a allergic reaction.

Most schools are aware of peanut allergies and have gone peanut-free or at least designate peanut-free tables.  My kids, thankfully, attend peanut-free schools and I would like to think that most parents are complying with the rules.  I understand that it can be a hassle for the non-allergy families but if they are sending in peanut products, they are endangering the allergic kids.

Having our school be peanut-free is a huge relief to me.  My 9 year-old is learning how to be responsible for his food allergies by reading food labels, making safe food choices, knowing how to handle an allergic reaction and how to communicate with an adult if he needs help.  But, at the age of 9, he should be able to go to school and not live in fear that parents are asking their kids to lie about what is in their lunch, as Griffiths’ character did. 

What do you think?  Should more schools be peanut free?  Share your thoughts here.  Or, visit the Brothers & Sisters message board on There are lots of comments about Sarah’s line.  If you have a child with peanut allergies, stop by and add your opinion.

3 responses to “Lying About Peanut Butter is a Sticky Situation

  1. I think every school should be peanut free. It seems as if every school has at least one child with peanut allergies. They should be safe in their own school.

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  3. I sent ABC an email telling them that I am ashamed of them for this script. I have two grandsons with food allergies and this is serious. I also have a friend whose son had an allergic reaction to peanuts at the age of two. His doctor said that it was so severe that if he comes into contact with peanuts again he will die.

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