Gluten-Free Birthday Party

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bars for 9 year old b-dayMy gluten-free kid turned 9 this week.  We celebrated with our family at Maggiano’s with a wonderful gluten-free rice pasta meal on his actual birthday but he also wanted to celebrate with his buddies.  So begins another difficult part of having a kid with Celiac Disease and food allergies.  Most birthday parties for kids his age, or any age for that matter are focused around food – pizza parties, taking friends out to dinner, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese, etc.  You know how it is.  

I am forced to get creative every year so the food isn’t the central theme.  This year my gluten-free kid wanted a low key get together with his 2 best pals and we went with a Napoleon Dynamite theme.  We served a taco bar so that everybody could take what they wanted and the gluten-free kid could take safe food without it being too noticeable or different.  Then I served the pumpkin bars that I posted last week along with Fruity Pebbles treats just in case his friends didn’t like the gluten-free pumpkin bars.  

My worst fear is always that his friends will say something gluten-free tastes bad and that it will really hurt the gluten-free kid’s feelings because it is something that he loves. Well, his friends loved everything we offered last night and even asked for seconds on the gluten-free pumpkin bars.  

After eating, the boys watched Napoleon Dynamite in the cheesy Napoleon iron-on t-shirts I made them and listened to the soundtrack I burned for each of them.  They had a fun time and the food wasn’t an issue at all.  My gluten-free kid was happy and is already thinking about turning 10!  

How do you celebrate with food restrictions?

One response to “Gluten-Free Birthday Party

  1. I love those candles! Your boy looks so happy.

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