The Big Day

Everyone remembers the Big Moments. Your child’s birth. Your wedding day. When a parent died. Such times burden, or lift us, via the emotions they create. Panic’s common. So is joy. So is sorrow. The day we found out our eldest son had food allergies — almost nine years ago — was that sort of Moment. The day we found out he also suffered from Celiac Disease was another Moment.

I hated those Moments, but not nearly as much as the moments that followed.

Quizzical looks that conflicted with reassuring words screamed, “YOU’RE NOT NORMAL!” For years, I felt alone. It wasn’t until a group of similarly-suffering moms banded together here that I realized I wasn’t. It didn’t have to be that way. This blog is dedicated to every parent, child and human who’s just had a Big Day with food allergies or Celiac and wonders, as we all did once, “What now?” 

Welcome. You’re not alone.

One response to “The Big Day

  1. You’re not alone either. We are here for you all!

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